About us

The Viral Factory was founded in 2001 by Matt Smith and Ed Robinson.

Since then we have provided our clients with consistently high levels of audience engagement. We provide a complete service, writing ideas, producing films with a viral twist, then promoting them online to secure great media coverage and get people talking, sharing and buzzing.

When you work with TVF you work directly with Matt and Ed. We write, produce and do the seeding, and you talk to us. It’s that simple, and it's an approach that delivers results. Our videos get huge viewing figures and we've won 41 major awards, including 9 Cannes Lions, 2 Webbys and a D&AD yellow pencil.

We have offices in London and Milan and clients all over the world.

Our work


A successful online video is always driven by a great idea.

For 15 years we have developed ideas that have been turned into great online content for our clients.

Not because we're smarter or funnier, but because we only do viral content. We don’t write bought media ‘advertising’. We live in the on-line world and understand our ideas need to compete with all the brilliant non branded content our there.

Scary, but motivating.



Great ideas deserve great execution.

With 30 years of expertise and offices in London and Milan, TVF's kickass production department has shot great viral films from Sao Paulo to Cape Town to Reykjavik to Acton, on tiny budgets of $[a few thousand] to huge budgets of $[over a million].

We've staged live pubic fashion shows in LA, sent 100 paper airplanes to space, taught an elephant how to paint and covered a hillside with illuminated sheep.

We take an idea and make it efficiently, succinctly and compellingly.

Media & seeding

TVF has ten years unparalleled experience in distributing branded video content to audiences across the social web.

We run outreach programmes in local languages across the world.

We negotiate native advertising placements on big traffic networks.

We buy targeted media across a range of media.

And most importantly we know how to tell real views from bot views.


London office

(+44) 020 7613 7300

The Viral Factory

6a Stamford Works

3 Gillett Square

London N16 8JH, UK



Milan office

(+39) 02 65 30 22

The Viral Factory Europe

Via Borsieri, 32

20159 Milano